About the Program

To support hearing care professionals in their humanitarian endeavors, the Oticon Hearing Foundation has launched an initiative to help secure donations of gently used Oticon hearing devices.

We’ve designed colorful display boxes, located in select clinics, that invite donations of Oticon hearing devices from hearing care professionals and their patients.

The donated hearing devices will be reconditioned to support international hearing missions to impoverished communities around the world. Through your donations of Oticon hearing devices, you will not only join our Community of Caring, but make a difference in the lives of in-need people.

Due to safety concerns associated with COVID-19, the Oticon Hearing Foundation has stopped accepting hearing instrument donations until further notice. We encourage you to share your generosity with other organizations that may be accepting donations.

Donate Your Hearing Devices

To donate your gently used Oticon instruments:

  1. Place your donation in a crush-proof box

  2. Mail to:
    Oticon Hearing Foundation
    Attn: Hearing Aid Recycling
    580 Howard Avenue
    Somerset, NJ 08873

  3. Please include the name & address where you would like us to send the donation tax receipt.
    (All qualifying donations are tax-deductible)




Request a Donation Box

The colorful display boxes include donation envelopes to capture donor information. As a non-profit 501c3 foundation, the Oticon Hearing Foundation automatically provides a receipt for all qualified donations.

 donation box

To request a donation box for display in your practice, please contact info@oticonhearingfoundation.org.

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Community of Caring!

We cannot donate hearing aids at this time. We are firming up our compliance around donations and need to finalize this before continuing  the program. Thank you for your patience.